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The CAUSE is the desperate need to reduce or eliminate costly airline congestion and delays.  This is a nationwide problem that is not being addressed.
Only two new large hub airports have been built in the U.S. in the last 70 years at Denver and Dallas-Ft-Worth. Both replaced existing airports. No new or supplemental airline airports have been built or are even being proposed. A recent study showed not one U.S. airport was listed in the top 25 airports worldwide. Globalization impacted by worldwide airline and air cargo growth must be accommodated.  America cannot continue to depend on broken down half century old airport hubs that can't be economically and environmentally expanded to meet long-term (20 year) growth including future commercial space travel that will get us to other continents in hours instead of days. Long term studies must be started now.
The Wayports idea is to expand existing underutilized airport hubs combined with building new airports where justified to accommodate future growth. The could off-load some of the 60-70% passengers connecting to other flights thru large hub airports like Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Denver. This would provide more capacity for origin/destination (O&D) passengers, cargo, postal and express mail. Wayports would also serve origin/destination passengers from the surrounding urban area or nearby cities. Long runways would be provided to accommodate future commercial space travel reaching other continents in several hours.
The need for capacity is not caused by originating passengers, cargo, express mail and USPS operations but by massive airline passenger activities connecting through congested airline hub airports. Many large hubs have over 60% connections that could be accommodated at existing underutilized airports or new airports that would also accommodate originating operations. 
I was working for FAA when the FAA Administrator asked for solutions to airport delay and congestion that was as bad then as it is today. He wanted a long-term nationwide solution that would have an identity of its own. I briefed him in Washington on Wayports in his office which was a miracle considering I was just one of many thousands working for FAA. He authorized me to brief anyone who would listen to me nationwide. I did and the idea exploded across the U.S. and World. 
Congress instructed FAA to prepare a long-term study. NBC Nightly News anchor said on their evening program "Wayports was an idea that restored his faith in human ingenuity". Legislation titled "The Wayports Development Act" was introduced in both Houses of the U.S. Congress endorsed by respected Senator's like John McCain who said he supported Wayports. Many states passed legislation to implement Wayports.

Private developers in the U.S. and Europe wanted to build Wayports. The Russians wanted to build them. European businessmen wanted to build them in Italy, Ireland and England. Sir Colin Marshall of British Airways said they should be built. McKinley Conway who founded the magazine "Site Selection" was the first to describe Wayports as New Airport Cities which are now being promoted worldwide as Aerotropolis. Articles appeared in the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, local media outlets and aviation industry publications with invitations for me speak to groups and conventions.

A major large airline passenger and cargo hub airport announced in 2011 it's a Wayport. Also there was a great article USAToday titled "Wayports Can Save Us From Hellacious Hubs". It's included under Endorsements Page that follows this page.

Wayports was called the "Interstate Aviation Systemby those who believed it would do the same for air transportation that Interstates do for surface transportation. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Trent Lott said in 2006 "we now need the vision that created the Interstate Highway System that will meet our needs in the 21st century. A Vision is included in a PAGE on the left.       T

The Reason Foundation stated in its October 14, 2011 Airport Policy & Security Newsletter "let me also call your attention to two examples that are making use of the wayport concept today. Darwin and Dubai. The latter is already the world's third-busiest airport, and it's not due to O&D traffic. Situated in a low-population desert kingdom, Dubai International is the principal hub for fast-growing Emirates, which connects long-haul flights from all over the world through this airport. In July the airport announced a $7.8 Billion expansion, and Emirates has 90 Airbus A-380's on order. Dubai International may be a special case, due to it location, but so far it seems to be succeeding as a wayport. Picking up on this model is Australia's Darwin International, on Australia's very lightly populated north coast. Both Quantas and Jetstar have set forth plans to develop it into a long-haul and domestic hub".

As you might expect, Wayports created major controversy. The establishment represented by major airlines, big cities and their airport management believed their airport and passenger and cargo interests were threatened by Wayports.  

They viciously opposed studies of Wayports recommended by Congress and some attacked me personally. They could not understand how a "nobody" could create such worldwide interest and media frenzy. Large airports and large airlines did not like the idea of off-loading passengers, cargo and U.S. Mail that connected through their hubs.

These powerful aviation industry and political groups persuaded FAA to rescind its support of Wayports. FAA refused to let me brief the Russians when they came to America. (A 2010 story said Wayports were created in Siberia and Norway). FAA ordered me to stop promoting Wayports and refer all contacts to Washington. This undeserved censorship caused me to resign from a career I truly loved. FAA then had to do something because of support for Wayports especially in Congress, so they tried to change the name and define the concept in a way I stringently opposed. FAA tried to redefine Wayports saying they were in the middle of nowhere and for the exclusive use of connecting and transferring passengers which was a lie and I strongly objected.

Congress directed FAA to study Wayports which was never done. It's time for FAA to obey Congress and evaluate Wayports that will prove it's a worthy concept. I would like to be part of that evaluation.

Documents and supporting information discussed herein are shown on PAGES on the left. The term Wayports and Wayports Concept can be researched on the Internet for comments and reviews.

My name is James Sheppard. I worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for 30 years planning and developing airports as Manager of field offices covering all 7 Southern States. I worked for the 3rd largest international airport in the U.S., after retiring from FAA. I am now an Aviation Consultant. I refuse to give up because Wayports is a worthy cause that offers a solution to the lack of nationwide airport system capacity.

I intend to reveal more details naming events and individuals to complete the Wayports Story in a book I am writing.