USATODAY-Wayports Can Save Us From Hellacious Hubs

General Accountability Office Report GAO-02-185 (Excerpt)

Senator John McCain Supporting Wayports

NBC Nightly Nightly News Endorsing Wayports

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Wayports made World news in NYTimes, USATODAY, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Times with articles published in major media in over 25 states. Aviation publications like Aviation Week & Space Technology, Aviation Daily published articles. Congressional involvement in both the U.S. House and Senate was given. Legislation was introduced in both Houses of Congress titled "Wayport Development Act (H.R. 1581 and S.713) referred to as The Interstate Aviation System. Wayports was debated at regional and national conferences, institutions, universities and Transportation Research Board.

Report to Congress by Secretary of Transportation saying USDOT studies of Wayports was limited to "near term" but USDOT would keep and open mind about their future long term practicality",

National Academies Transportation Research Board-Strategic Choices says "No other approach to construction of new airports appears to be capable of handling the 200-300% increase in travel that could develop by 2020".

Challenge 2010" an Aviation Industry Task Force representing the aviation industry recommended "timely construction of 4 to 6 strategically located "wayport"-type airports to effectively address specific regional congestion problems, to meet futuristic aviation development needs and satisfy national capacity growth requirements of the 21st century". This is a long-term (20 year) report prepared for FAA compliance with a Congressional mandate. FAA did not send the report to Congress but it was sent to every member of Congress and media by a businessman who supported wayports.

Apogee Research "A Strategic Plan for the Nations Airport System"says "A movement away from hub & spoke structures would dramatically postpone serious congestion and the need for new construction at super-hub airports. This could be accomplished through diversion of "hubbing" to less congested airports/wayports".

FAA "Airport System Capacity (ACE) Plan" states "Construction of new airports that would primarily serve as transfer points for passengers flying to and from other airports is being discussed and studied. Economic, social and air traffic control factors will determine if, where, and how fast such "next generation" airports are developed".

Final Environmental Impact Statement for expansion of DFW Airport (See DEFINITION that shows FAA determined Wayports to be a reasonable and feasible alternative to expansion of large hub airports).